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Here at BAR Investigations, our team of private investigators work tirelessly to prevent and detect occurrences of fraud within or against your organisation. This can be instances of consumer fraud, employee theft, fraudulent sickness absence or any type of cheat or dishonesty which may occur to the detriment of your company.


If you suspect any individual or organisation is a threat to the day-to-day operation or financial wellbeing of your business, we can plan and carry out a surveillance operation to detect foul-play. This can involve traditional surveillance methods and use of moden technology, such as vehicle tracking, bugging and de-bugging devices and mobile phone tracing.


Our investigators work with small business owners and large, national and multi-national organisations. Recent work includes, a major catalogue retailer requiring our evidence of a large-scale theft of stock by a gang, through the creation of false e-mail addresses and customers and the use of a very dishonest local courier. The loss suffered by the organisation ran into £10,000's.


On another occasion an employee of a small, local business claimed that he had been injured at work and was trying to claim compensation from his employer, our investiagtor provided a full catalogue of photographic and video evidence to prove that the employee was quite happily going about their day-to-day activities, clearly without the injury they claimed and all at the expense of the organisation.


Fraud is a type of criminal activity, defined as: 'abuse of position, or false representation, or prejudicing someone's rights for personal gain'. Put simply, fraud is an act of deception intended for personal gain or to cause a loss to another party.


Police forces throughout the country are suffering cuts to resources and as such, offences of fraud are becoming neglected. The 'Action Fraud' website is designed to log occurrences but identified crimes are passed back to the Police and mostly not investigated. Evidence gathered by BAR Investigations can be used to kick-start a Police investigation as the time-consuming evidence gathering process has be taken out of the Police's hands, leaving them free to pursue the prosecution.


Our investigators are trained in the use of interview planning and fraud investigation techniques used by law enforcement agencies all over the world. BAR Investigations can provide the evidence necessary to pursue a civil claim or to present for a criminal investigation. Prices start from £35 per hour, based on a minimum of 4 hours.

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